Nothing New To Say

I have nothing new to say
I am just trying to say things
In my way

Same old stories of love and despair
Of self-destructions beyond repair

There’s nothing I can write
Which has previously not been written about
And that sometimes scares me
Do I have originality?
What does that even mean?
Why tell the same story again and again?
With similar characters, with different names
With similar experiences of pleasure and pain
I have not found the answers yet
So I have formed beliefs
Isn’t that what we do?
Making beliefs when we feel fear
When truth is nowhere near
Beliefs are makeshift truths
Deviced for security through self-deception
And I had to make some up for me
According to my convenience
My learning and my conscience
Beliefs that I need to say things
Whatever I feel like saying
In my own voice
Keeping in mind I am not saying just for the sake of it
But because I really mean it
Because I believe in power words have got
Whether they are said in rhymes, or not
Whether they change the life of any man
And lastly, I dream of bringing words as near to truth as I can

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